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Contacting VanDutch USA

VanDutch USA Online is the primary source for current model information, build reservations, brand news, current events and contact information. You can browse new models and pre-owned inventory while chatting live with a VanDutch USA representative during normal business hours.

VanDutch USA Sales

Becoming a VanDutch Owner starts with the team at VanDutch USA Sales, available at +1 305 359 3947 during normal business hours or by emailing You may also contact the sales phone during non-business hours, and someone will answer or get back to you within one business day. VanDutch USA Sales can assist in providing you official sales material on all models, new, pre-owned and find a center.

Read the VanDutch model brochure here.

VanDutch USA Customer Care

Service benefits are reserved exclusively for VanDutch Owners, yet for more information on the benefits of VanDutch USA Customer Care and support, you may visit its webpage here.

General Office Inquiries

General office requests, including accounting, marketing, PR and hiring, can be made through our main office line at +1 (954) 900-5195. Inquiries via email should be sent to