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VanDutch USA Financial Services work in concert with your best
interests, to find the best purchase plan for your VanDutch,
whether new pre-owned or Certified Pre-Owned.


If financing is your preferred method of purchase, your VanDutch USA representative will suggest the best process to achieving approval. The earlier we learn about your interest in financing, the better prepared we can be to find your best financing strategy. You'll be asked to submit a brief credit application to begin your approval process, and approvals can be granted in as little as 24 hours as long as the necessary information is provided.

VanDutch USA Financial Services and its funding partners provide competitive interest rates and an array of finance terms that can help spread the cost of your VanDutch over a period of time of up to 20 years. Although negotiable, a 20% down payment will earn the most flexible financing terms.


You can have your perfect VanDutch under flexible new construction terms as well. When building your new VanDutch with your representative, you'll be explained the available payment schedules and terms of the new construction. In new construction, you'll see payments occurring at signing, upon production start, engine installation, top deck installation, and production completion.


Your VanDutch USA Center will be happy to provide you with further information & detailed advice at any time.

For further assistance, contact Financial or fill out the form below and a VanDutch USA Financial Specialist will get back to you within 24 hours.

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